Vessel and Ship Mobilisation

Jalna Construction has gained a enviable reputation in the industry for its vessel mobilisation and de mobilisation ability to quickly mobilize and react to any requirements for ship and vessel mobilizations, de mobilizations and the fitting and removal of sea fastenings.
We can manufacture any type of sea fastening in our workshop, Transport cradles, grillages and any other steel fabrication requirements that are needed. We are on the doorstep of the River Tees, with our workshop with in striking distance, we service the River Tees and North East England for sea fastenings, from Teesport down to A.V Dawson on the Tees, up to Newcastle and south of the Tees.
We can offer round the clock labour, assistance and what would normally be our of hours or unsociable hours for other companies we thrive on delivering every time. We have manufactured various transport cradles and sea fastenings as well as other steel work that’s required as and when mobilizing ships and vessels.  that have been part of moving large and heavy structures. One of them seen below was a 250 tonne lift.
We were praised frequently on our ability to deliver fast and efficiently we are a true “turn key” solution to sea fastenings, vessel mobilizations, de mobilizations in River Tees, Middlesbrough, Teesside, North east England, Newcastle and beyond! Contact us today for any needs you may have.