Jalna Construction Limited assist with the shipping of 172 tonne Turbine

Over the weekend of 10th-12th April 2015, JALNA assisted in the shipping of the 172 tonne Turbine for the new Wilton Power Station. The turbine arrived to Dawsons Wharf on MV River Pride 1 on Friday 10th. A second vessel, the MV Meerdijk, arrived Saturday evening with ancillary equipment for the Turbine. JALNA mobilised to remove the shipping attachments on Sunday morning.

High winds prevented planned discharge of the turbine, but the Meerdijk was able to discharge since loads were lighter and less critical to the cranes capacity. Around 30 crates and a large vessel were unloaded by 11am, and JALNA completed the removal of sea fastenings by 11.30. The wind speed had reduced by this time and discharge commenced. Despite rain, the turbine was then successfully lifted and put on to heavy transport. The JALNA team then mobilised on the MV River Pride 1 and fought through the adverse weather conditions to remove the sea fastenings upon completion. A big well done to all involved!


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